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Road Trip to Amsterdam

Yesterday, I finally made it to Amsterdam. Yes, I know it’s shocking that I had lived two hours away from that city my entire life. My best friend and I left Dusseldorf at 9 am and got to Amsterdam at around 11 am to find countless small and large canals filled with boats, as well as thousands of people on bikes that seemed not to worry about the potential of getting hit by a car or the tram passing by.

After paying 45 euro to park our car near a canal, we walked for HOURS — and I mean, hours, stopping once or twice for some Croque Monsieur and Poffertjes. We walked through the Red Light District, which was very shocking to me — I can’t support the degradation that these women have to endure by standing in windows as men (and women) ogle at them while passing by. I saw a man approach the glass door and ask, how much? before disappearing into it.

My one goal was to go see the Anne Frank Museum. From opening time to 3:30 pm, online ticket holders who purchased passes two months in advance can enter the museum — after 3:30 till 5:30, anyone can get in line and enter. We got there at exactly 3:30 to see a line stretch around the plaza, and we were told it would be at least two hours. So unfortunately, we didn’t get to see where the teenage girl lived. We decided to check out the Van Gosh museum instead, which was stunning, and we got to learn about the famed artist’s life as well.

At around 7 pm, we decided to make our way back to Germany because our legs were giving out. All in all, a great, short trip to Amsterdam. And next time I go back, I’m buying a ticket for the Anne Frank museum MONTHS in advance.

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