My name is Beatrice Verhoeven, and I am a German-born, half-Belgian living in the United States. Growing up in a bubble called Dusseldorf, I started going to an International School when I was four years old. Speaking English during school hours and German at home, I was being raised bilingually, which would then evolve into me learning a third language, Spanish, throughout my high school career. Having traveled a lot as a child, I knew I wanted to leave the country I was so used to, and explore the world on my own. I am an only child, and therefore was always very much protected by my parents. When it was time to look at colleges, I decided to go to farthest possible city away from my hometown: Los Angeles.

I decided to completely turn my life around, and move to a new country, a new culture, a new way of life. Moving away from a small city with 80,000 people and leaving everything I had come to know behind, I embarked on a journey, by myself, to the glamorous city of Los Angeles; a city that I had been following on shows like “The Hills” and “90210.” However, reality set in once I realized that there was no turning back, and I was all alone at a new school, without knowing anyone.
Being homesick and actually pretty devastated at my life choice, I threw myself into school and a social life that I was striving to have. I met great friends, and knew I had selected a fantastic school. Majoring in English and minoring in German, I was able to continue my diverse education and still feel at home. Soon, I forgot all about home and became a new person.

Before I knew it, four years were over, and it was time to apply to graduate schools – a goal I had set for myself pretty early on in my undergraduate studies. Once again, a decision was upon me that quite frankly tore me apart. Do I leave Los Angeles? Do I start a new chapter in my life? What kind of journalism do I want to do? Four months of applications filled with doubts and anxiety got me into the Master’s program of Journalism at the University of Southern California – another dream that I have had since I was a little girl.

In May 2015 I graduated from USC with a Master’s in Journalism and shortly after started a job at TheWrap in Los Angeles. I am now a film reporter there, covering casting & acquisitions, box office and other film-related news. Oh, and I get to talk to the coolest people in the world.

But hey — that’s not all I do. I love to travel. I’ll try to pack a trip in on weekends just so I can see the world. I grew up traveling with my dad and saw a lot of Asia, Africa and Europe. But now that I barely have any vacation days, I try to plan weekend trips to nearby cities in the U.S. In the past year, I traveled to Phoenix and Zion National Park to check out the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon, as well as New Orleans, Tahoe, Park City, New York and Chicago.

Stay tuned for more updates, travel blogs and work samples.


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